How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

If you're reading this, you have probably considered walking out the office to your nearest airport with as much cash as you can muster and seeing where you'll end up. For those of you who like to plan your big trip to a greater degree of detail, hopefully this helps.

This must be taken with a massive pinch of salt, as everyone has their own opinions on what constitutes good value, but this was our budget for our not-so budget trip. It can be done FAR cheaper, but as I approach my next big birthday, a good night's sleep is now essential, and I have been working for 7 years in order to fritter away my money exactly as I please. Night buses and dorms are so 2010. Perhaps most importantly, this was done travelling as a two, essentially halving all accommodation costs.

Our 8 month trip cost roughly £8000 each. This is where we went and how much each country cost


- £50 per day @ 21 days = £1050

- Hotel Friends by the House of Books, St. Petersburg


- £30 per day @ 10 days = £300

- Danista Nomads Hostel, Ulaanbaatar


- £30 per day @ 42 days = £1260

- Red Lantern Hostel, Beijing

- Recommend CTrip website for budget accommodation


- £35 per day @ 28 days = £980

- Forest Home Resort, Ngwe Saung


- £20 per day @ 77 days = £1540

- Rahul Guesthouse, Varanasi

- Recommend Make My Trip website for budget accommdation


- £35 per day @ 26 days = £910

- Hotel Yala Peak, Kathmandu


- £70 per day @ 28 days = £1960

- Gyokuzoin, Osaka

Total = £34 per day @ 232 days =£8000

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